we ought to be a wonder

define me divine

an incarnation of a goddess.


but i am only a bunch of flesh and muscles

a pack of 206 bones

nothing which makes me special

nothing which makes me a goddess

nothing which is worth to work as an excuse.


the things without sex

are the ones which work the best




i ain't nothing but a hormone

nothing but an extra limb on that cromosome

X or Y made the decision. 


I ain't no goddess or incarnation

I ain't no mother, maneater or nun,

I am not a definition of my gender and refuse to be:

don't wish me a 'happy period' you moron,

don't give me a mediocre congratulation  on March 8th.


I'll ask for what I want:

don't take it personal, when I am weird

love me as much as you can

respect me being able to burb louder than you do

acknowledge that every now and then I do have to fart or poop

no, no stars and flowers,

proper feaces and gases.


Remember that on the other side of this world

my "ladyparts" are mutilated

I have no voice

my body is nothing but useful to others

I am raped, forced, sold.

Tell me where you find this goddess underneath the ghost.

I'll come and look for it too.


I hope I can be reincarnated one day

as someone like you

nothing but a human.


And one day  maybe after hundreds of incarnations

we might incarnate as what we ought to be

more god than human.










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    Roman (Donnerstag, 19 Juli 2012 01:51)

    Many thanks for info

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