Like nothing ever happend.


I love you. 

I hate you.

I want to stay.

I want to leave: right now. 

You lie.

You live.

You're alive.

I am still alive.

You are paralized.

I am scared.

They shoot.

They kill.

They kill.

They kill.

They spread fear.

And you pretend that nothing ever happened.


We try to keep on moving.

Not be paralized by bad news. 

Bad news again.

Gunfights again.



Always bad news.

Don't go there, don't stay, don't leave, don't move, head down.

Get down, get down, get down.

It's war. 

War War War.

Fear, anger, mistrust.

In every pair of eyes.

Don't open the doors.

Don't talk.

The walls have ears.

We do, too.

We know what is happening.

Don't lie to us. Don't lie.

Don't freak the people out.

Protect yourself, don't hear too much and don't talk.

You want to live.

Have children one day.

Have grandchildren one day.

You want to get old.

Here in Mexico, we have old people, we say.

Not everybod dies. 

But everybody's scared.

Or tries to ignore.

Ignoration medication.

Cynicism void.

There's nothing but life runnign through our veins.

Everybody dies one day.

Think about that.

And than make a cross.

With your fingers.

Fold your hands, fall down on your knees.

There's a gun pointing your neck.

Say the last words.

Pray for your soul.

Say: thank you, at least.

Mexico Mexico Mexico

We are so done.

We are so done with justice and democracy.

We are so done with future plans and security.

We don't need no education, what for?

Too far from heaven, too close to the frontline.

I want to scream.

It is not fair!

Why should we shut up?

This is not fair. 

Why do we have to suffer?

Live in fear?

Stay in house and be worried?

Why do we have to take the punishment of your failure, dearest Mexico?

We love you.

And we hate you.

We love you.

We fear you.

What is the next night going to bring?

Sleeping with opened eyes.

Every uncommon noise scares the shit out of you.

Will they shoot again?

Is anyone hurt?

The news changed.

Suddenly nothing happened.

Shut holes in our walls.

And they act like nothing ever happened.

The neighbours have a party. 




We don't know nothing and they keep us numb.

Like nothing ever happened.









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