My Sails Are Filled Distance

The sun's been tender and rich

the air wealthy of flavours,

the voices talk of rebirth.

I have been drown in the kitsch,

been dreaming of saviours,

I am a child of the earth.


No womb giving life or death,

and no time to take my cares,

curse it! cast a spell on it!

I ain't nothing but a breath,

gasp and grasp for what repairs,

leave the pain. Come benefit!


Oh sing: Fuck the Pain Away.

not drunk enough for dancing,

too shy to sing it out loud.

Love the nights when days are grey,

and watch them and their prancing,

soak the heaven and its cloud.


Here is no time for wailing,

boat is ready and waiting,

leave the land when it's wasted.

Honesty is unveiling,

forget the fear and hating,

and the love I have tasted.

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