A popularity which poles so hard against both ends of hate and love,
must have reached at least the curiosity of some of us.
I am still not sure, if and wether it is a good thing that a website causes so much
fear and exciting goosebumps among the people.
If we try to believe what we see, than two superpowers -both strongly conspiratorial-
may it be the "good" side or the "bad" side, are running towards a dangerous
intelectual war. Here is the question, who can explain better?
Who to trust and believe.
Who does bad can say sorry later. This is true, but not necessary.
Governments and their leaders are struggling with their nation's trust,
especially after unjustified wars, unjustified money wasting and unjustified decrease
of people's wellbeing.
This is Wikileaks, fighting for the truth, opening Governments as it says.
And there is Julian Assange, a modern superhero, acused of raping two women.
May it be true or not, the try of the "might" throwing kryptonite dust at the hero, just causes one thing:
And there is the negative effect.
Wikileaks achieves receives the best advertisement ever:
Fear of the Big Bosses.
What can be so horrible, that everybody is trying to erase Wikileaks and Assange from the public?
It can't be that bad? Or if it truly is, how bad? As civil, average educated nation,
gone through two unjustified wars, an economic crises, messy-new ordering world order and the idiocy of media,
what can be so bad that the leaders are tyring to avoid that we might discover?
Is it money? Aliens? The sadly still not public made true reason of Iraq and Afghanistan War?
The fact that they: yes, are very greedy, unhuman and dangerous? Maybe the fact that we truly are running towards
a nuclear war? Or that 2012 might be goodbye cruel world? Are we running out of oil, water, air?
Will only the richest and mighiest get a bunker and play in their secret "freimaurer" facebook?
Living in the UK, being day by day faced with its "Nothing to Hide Nothing to Fear" policy, feeling that
everything I say might be recorded and saved, taking tiptoeing as the new pace, remains the question why
the UK suddenly feels so observed?
I thought it is "nothing to hide nothing to fear", if so, what are you fearing?
Honestly, it scares me a little, seeing how everybody is losing their mind just because some facts are leaking.
The time to do so had to come, the question is, why is everybody so surprised?
I want the truth.
I am tired of excuses, I am done with lies.
We, as decent people, innocent, living beings, deserve decent and honest treatment.
We deserve that the leaders do their job and nothing else: leading and protecting.
Therefore, we are a nation. Therefore we pay taxes, we go to school, we keep healthy,
to provide our best to our country, our people in the end.
Otherwise where the hell is the reason of having a government?
If they can play kindegarten so can we!

We deserve the truth.
Let us decide if we can handle it.

So let it be, people don't hesitate in using this wonderful brain you've been given to make your own opinion.

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