oscillating object

That's me. 

Oscillating object.

Look at me and get dizzy.

Follow me and look back:

The path looks fantastic, doesn't it?

I can't take away your fear and anger.

And I don't want to.

I want you to deal with it-

Like you should.

Oh look!

I made a U-Turn!

Back to you!

Ain't that beautiful?



It's me!!!!

You're life!



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  • #1

    Fabian (Dienstag, 14 September 2010 08:32)

    das klingt irgendwie ostasiatisch. =__=

  • #2

    daniel (Montag, 02 Januar 2012 16:22)

    Es sollten mehr sich das mal durch lesen ,wie wichtig das mal ist drüber zu reden

  • #3

    Cheap Tiffany Rings (Freitag, 28 September 2012 04:49)

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