la ruta del alma de que estoy amando...

I need miracles. Right now. Right here.

Rezando un Ave Maria para la paz en Monterrey.

Does not work anymore.

I need a ticket. I need work. I need an university. I need time.

I need less anger. I need less bitches surrounding me. I don't need no envy.

My life is my life, this is who I am, vulnerable as you are and no young god.

I am not as smart as I want to be, but I try to be honest. I try to be honest with myself and it would be cocky saying I am honest. I just try. As I try being a good friend and daughter, a good girlfriend and human being. I try to be on time. I try to be sovereign. I try to be good and thoughtful.


Last thursday on my 3rd poetry slam here in Monterrey, a girl exposed her anger on stage. An anger only focussed on me. Calling herself honest and free of vanity she only experienced exactly this. Vanity, dishonesty, cockiness, improvedince and arbritrariness. It made me sad. First. The fact that someone tried to humiliate me infront of my audience, my friends, my students. But finally it wasn't humiliating me. The feeling I keep on having is impotence towards her anger. I can't help it.


But the peace I feel having you around me, is not comparable to anything else. Angry girls and not appearing miracles vanish into thin air when I'm home with you. So I don't need no miracles. I just need you.



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