gracias a la vida.

Dinge für die ich dankbar bin, Things I am grateful for/to:


- Being born

- Having a vioce I can use

- The invention of Chocolate

- People who can play punk music

- The ability of some beings of catching dreams and putting them into a movie: (Howls Moving Castle, I'm a Cyborg but that's okay, Big Fish... you know that I mean.)

- Crazyness

- Mercedes Sosa

- My Mum and her patience

- That we can reflect in other peoples eyes

- That there is still some idealism in some of us

- That I've got someone who takes care of me when I'm sick

- Living in Mexico, which showed me what the purpose of existence is.

- Talent of others

- Being able of jumping and screaming my lungs out at a concert

- Creating something new

- My sister, I love her so much.

- My friends and my roomie who always has a surprise for me.

- Existence of Love.

- Lost and Found

- What are you thankful for?



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