restaged and enchanted.

My Baby will be born soon. The February 4th.

With 12 brains and millions of words and some applause, too.

I am so excited.


The workshops were all a new expirience for me- building up something new is so fantastic, I couldn't imagine.

My life's jumping and breathing around this special date, 4th.

Exactly 4 years after I saw my first poetry slam in Zürich.

Anyways I love the number 4 and yes, I love conspiracy theories.

Lovely lovely lovely


So my future slamistas are all so talented and it was so painful I had to choose some of them, and some are supposed to wait until the next slam, hopefully march 4th! :) :)


what else?


Life is crazy.


And besides that everything is fine, I am terribly uninspired to write.

Sorry for that.


But I won't give up, next oasis and waterfall are waiting around the corner.



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