I have BabyBeans.

I left Monterrey December 10th heading to Zaragoza, Nuevo Leon and came back on 14th with loads of impressions.

1. Everyone should go at least once in a lifetime into a desert.

2. Education is indispensable to get out of the vicous circle poverty.

3. Elaborated organisation is a hundred bladed sword.


Working/Playing with the children was magical and awesome and beautiful.

Working with a lot of rules is not. I won't get deeper into this. But-

I took two things from Zaragoza with me:

1. Loads and handfulls of crystals, I found with two boys from ''La Encantada'' and Mario (who did find at least two crystals :). And yes they're magical.

2. 15 Beans which have been despised. I collected them, gave 7 to a magical friend, named them: Othello, Jimi, Joan-Pablo, Pocahontas, l'Amoureuse, Fridolina, Oscar and Amparo, seeded them, watered them, gave them a lot of love and some Sunbeams and now they're little beautiful scions.

And yes, they're magical. Little Fridolina may rest in Peace, poor BabyBean she was a little weak.


I was making chocolates the last 4 days. Please no more sugar. I feel my finger soaked sweet and sweeter and sweetest and now my body is composed by chocolate and sugar. ah.


Well. I think the most interesting information is: Monterrey's FIRST POETRY SLAM!


oh my gosh. Yes this is happening in real life, I am terribly excited and woopwoop  yes yes yes yes.

Okay. There are going to be 3 workshops before the special night, so people, young writers got an idea of what poetry slam and spoken word is.

If you are interested in writing, poetry, prose, short stories do not hesitate, contact me or Garage in Monterrey.


Oh yes. It'll be february 4th, exactly 4 years after I saw my first Poetry Slam in Schiffbau.






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