hidden monkeys.

I still feel disgust

every time I hear of blood

under my feet the tarmac

melting away in the rush of the vain

-hush me up with silence-

tomorrow I'll pay my cigaretts

with the head of the snake.

Oh sweetest elixir

I see your story in my TV

between Coke and coke

is only a little space

for devotement

zap your God close to you

- hush him up with silence-

tomorrow I'll remove the muting

I am tired of unspoken words.

My tongue fell asleep

there's no howl lying anymore on it

no mind no best no madness

God is playing with snakeheads

but no eagle to save us

- hush us up with silence -

let us remain with crossed arms

crossed fingers

one day

everything is gonna be alright. 

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    santiago - cookie (Samstag, 26 Dezember 2009 12:15)

    ai jerd dis tunait, it güas yu. ai joup yu can onderstend güat aim seyin, dou iris nat so isi. mi laik'd it.

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    MBT Vendita (Freitag, 28 September 2012 10:42)

    Festa della mamma è in arrivo la festa della mamma per inviare ciò che è buono, e problemi di mal di testa, ma il dono è la migliore sensazione. E 'il più bel regalo che ti ha dato la madre Oh, non credi in te stesso di provare.