Europa und Berlin. Europe and Berlin. Multilingual.

Back from Berlin, caught by a terrible flu and lost voice, caught by beautiful memories and dreams and visions towards all these amazing, flattering people I met.

My tongue's got a knot of all these languages I spoke, so much world, travelling just by talking and exchanging sweet words and sweeter moments, poets and artists.

I almost lost my flight. Well. I should have lost my flight, because I was faaaaar too late, but somehow I am damn lucky. So I say quickly ''thank you'' to that ''whatever you are you saved me - threads of destiny holder''. Thank you.

And thank you to the people I met. Oh. It seems like I am going to be in French Television. How exciting. Are you on the safe side?

I achieved what I was looking for so starvingly: Inspiration.

Working for money is not good for my heart.

Maximal 3 weeks more. And I leave.



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    Timberland Roll Top (Freitag, 28 September 2012 10:50)

    Cucitura combinazione di materiali è anche un grande trend, abbiamo visto una varietà di materiali come il raso, il velluto, vernice, camoscio, pelli di animali rari di pelle di coccodrillo, pelle di lucertola scarpe inoltre, non è raro.